Alpaca Hair and Prize-winnin ‘maters: My Day at the Oldham County Fair

So, I come from the *big city.* Okay, not really… but I AM pretty sure that I have never been to a county fair where there has been the judging of fruits and vegetable and swine as a major part of the event.

I headed out to the Oldham County Fair. I knew it was going to be good when my friend John said to my other friend “Make sure she’s not getting *too* excited about this– its just the Oldham County Fair– I don’t want her to be disappointed.”

Highlights from the evening included going into a “haunted house” that Jessie and I went in and then retreated from before we could screw up our courage to walk through… riding carnival rides that are always a tad on the sketch side (yeah, one of them definitely made me bleed), eating funnel cake… and several more I’ll have to show you with pics.

First, there was the alpacas.

They’re pretty darn cute…

This guy made us laugh, hard-core. I think he needs a bang trim.

I made everybody rush out of the cars to get to the “alpaca agility show” I’d seen advertised. We got to where the alpacas were held, but couldn’t locate the show. Well, pretty soon a 7 year old girl comes and leads one of the alpacas out. She proceeds to pull him around this little arena so he could do cool tricks like this:

Yep, folks, I know you can’t believe your eyes, but an alpaca really *can* walk through a minivan with the seats removed if a little 7 year old pulls on its leash long enough. I decided that the only word true about the “Alpaca Agility Show” was the word “alpaca.” Not so much the show, nor the agility. It was pretty great.

So, I got bored and started takin other pics like this one:

We’re in the country, y’all! (Did you believe I was a redneck for a moment? Please! I wanna be a country girl likePioneer Woman!

Just look at that little nose!

Here’s Jon trying to look tough with a tractor, two pretty ladies, and some grass to chew on…

Like I said, I was really excited about the vegetables that won prizes. So was Jon.

The gravitron– dun dun dun! It’s the ride where you go inside and it spins and you stick to the walls. So, Sarah, Jon and I got on the ride. Jessie went to get a hot dog. She saw some friends she knew… talked to them… got in line, got the dog, sat down, ate the hot dog… talked to her friends some more… and THEN we got off the freakin ride. It was like 12 minutes long… and we couldn’t handle it anymore. Your cheeks are pushed back in a position they were never intended to be in… your chest is compressed with the force of like 50 G’s… there are 13 year olds screaming all around you and lookin like they’re gonna hurl… the carnie running the whole thing just sitting there taking some sick pleasure knowing that we were all secretly panicking thinking he was never going to let us off…

I think maybe I’m getting too old for this…

The ferris wheel– went way faster than a ferris wheel should… and I screamed every time we came over the top. Just ask Jon, my lucky riding partner.

Just a day in the life of a carnie. Hard work, I tell you.

My cute little red headed friends

Jon Boy… love this one

Ok– prepare yourself for this next one. Remember that nice b&w country pasture scene I posted near the top? Yeah… if I turned around 180 degrees from there, THIS is what I saw.

Ohh yeah. Wrestlin. I mean, this is weird enough in and of itself… but it was even better to see these guys just meandering around the homegrown vegetable judging stand. In full costume. Or, what in my opinion, is not *enough* of a costume.

So I tried to get some fun carousel shots. Sorry if these horses give you nightmares… I think they look a little evil.

I took a couple more shots as we killed time towards the end of the fair– waiting to see if we won the grand prize raffle ticket drawing– a whole $25 just for me! We didn’t win. Bummer. But I got these last couple shots.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the fair with me :)


4 Responses to “Alpaca Hair and Prize-winnin ‘maters: My Day at the Oldham County Fair”

  1. Katie Kelly Says:

    Okay, I just have to say, I woke the baby up because I laughed so hard when I got to the wrestling pics. Too funny! Hope you are well!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Jessica, I’ve always been impressed with your photography, and this is no different. Every single one is so amazing!

    Glad to see you are wordpressing now! It’s so much better!

    Have you looked into selling your photography through something like istockphoto? I think it is a good step to sell as an amateur. Then the more that your photography sells, the more likely their “pro” site might hire you. That’s the way I think it works anyway… It might be nice for experience though. Just a thought. :)

  3. jon Says:

    Nice photos…and I think the descriptions were pretty accurate, particularly the alpacas and Gravitron. :)

  4. John Says:

    It’s fun to see someone who also shot the Oldham County Fair approach it with a totally different perspective.
    All the best with your photo endeavors.
    John Foster
    The Oldham Era

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