Soon and Very Soon…

…I promise I will be blogging. I’ve been in MO and in Destin for the last week and a half, and just can’t stand doing any photography work on my Powerbook G4 anymore… now that I have my beautiful, amazing, new best friend… my 24 inch iMac. It’s sad isn’t it– how a few weeks ago I was totally fine on it and now *just* can’t handle it. :)

But– I am flying back to the ‘Lou tomorrow (St. Louis– I just realized that could be confused with the other place I live… Louisville) and I’ll be back in the ‘ville on Sunday night. So– I’ll be bloggin some fun stuff after that.

But, for now– since blogs are always funner with pictures here are a couple shots taken in June of my dear friends Tiffany, Jake and baby Asante. I’ve known them since the beginning of college– and we’ve been close friends especially over the last 5 years or so– including some good time as roommates :) I was supposed to be in the delivery room when Asante came into the world, but the stinker *had* to come early when I was in class!

Anyways– this super awesome family is moving to Nairobi, Kenya for 2 years!!! I’m excited for them, but sad for me! Maybe I’ll get over to see them. I say my formal goodbye on Sunday– but I thought for today you should see how cute they are :)

Check out his airbrushed onesie :)

Man I love this kid.

Asante and Aunt Jessica :)


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