Emily and Ky

About a year ago Emily picked up Ky from the St. Louis airport. I’d met him once before… but this time was *different.* He’d flown to Missouri all the way from Texas *just to see her.* And they were not even dating at this time. She took him to the zoo and some other places, and then spent the night at my house in St. Louis. We sat around the kitchen table and laughed with (and at) Ky as he showed us some YouTube videos. I prayed for the two of them a lot that week, because at first Emily wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do with him for a whole week. Time progressed, feelings developed and grew, and they knew they were supposed to spend the rest of their life together. Now, just about one year later, they are married! Man– how a year can change things! I had the privilege of standing with her at her wedding… so I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would have… but here’s some I wanted to share :) The church was gorgeous… lots of huge stained glass windows and an amazing pipe organ. The light in that room was some of the warmest light I’ve ever encountered. My good friends at the rehearsal dinner. Yum– Mexican food! The families also opened up the floor for people to share stories about Emily or Ky… I think I might have to do this at my wedding…

The beautiful bride, sporting her Martha Washington look

Our photographer, the lovely Mallory Taulbee.

The gorgeous bride. Man she looked so beautiful. I couldn’t decide if I liked this next one better in color or B&W (though now I think the B&W one… what do you think?) so I’m posting both… Perhaps these new ones need some explaining. The girls and I were taking some bridesmaid pics. I told them to hold in my dress cuz it hung out and made my stomach look big… so they decided to pretend like I’m prego. And even after we got over that one, Tiff still made it a little difficult to get a cute pic ;-)

Then the claw came out. Watch out.

While we were busy being obnoxious in the green room.. the bride was looking stunning as ever in the sanctuary Watch out boys… she may look sweet and innocent and fun in the following pictures… but her name isn’t “Stone Cold” for nothin…

And then, as if you haven’t had enough eye candy… then there were the babies. Oh my gracious. Javik wasn’t too sure about me at first– but i tried to tell him… me and him were buddies when he was in the womb! But then he calmed down.. and oh my goodness… couldn’t you just eat him alive?? i *Love* this one of Micah (who I finally got to meet! albeit too briefly) and his momma, the wonderful Ang.

Oh, college. How I miss you boys.

The flowers— oh the flowers. This was a small town wedding, you must remember.. And all these awesome ladies GREW THESE FLOWERS IN THEIR GARDENS. Alice, Emily’s sister told us about the nights that Mom would make them all run outside to move all the pots inside to keep them from any sign of possible inclement weather. They turned out just gorgeous.

Ol’ CJ. It wouldn’t be a party without you. Me

Me and my old roomie/BFF LMac… p.s. you look wayy better than me in this pic, which is why I posted it for you…

We said goodbye with sparklers!

**Note of Apology: Ky, I mean I know you were like one of the two most important people at this shindig, but apparently my camera did not see fit to get any pictures of you. oops. Good thing Mal got like 8700. But guys, seriously, it was an honor to be apart of this day. It was beautiful in every way.***

As always, these pics can be found at quatchima2.smugmug.com for download. They’re at the end of the Summer 08 album


2 Responses to “Emily and Ky”

  1. LMac Says:

    i like the color picture of emily better than the bw

    you are very talented and i’m proud of you

    thanks for posting a cute picture of me :)


  2. Kelly Says:

    Yay for pretty girls and the “WOW” face. :) When Em moves down here, you’ll have 2 reasons to visit the Dallas area. :D

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