We were sooo productive today…

It’s always a fun day when the doorbell rings and there isn’t anybody there.

You look around, wondering who it could have been and then your eyes drop down to the ground where you find that wonderful little invention: a package.

Today Amazon brought me this.

And this.

And so, the BFF and I had to try it out. Now I know it might not *look* like we were reading and studying Greek, I promise, we really were ;-)


2 Responses to “We were sooo productive today…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Very cool. Was it scary to put it in the water the first time?

  2. quatchima2 Says:

    yep it definitely was a little scary– but i did a little test first and no leakage! So fun!! Plus… I’m going on a float trip tomorrow… even more uses for the water camera!

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