The oh-so-quotable Kyah

So, on Wednesdays I babysit these two adorable little girls, Kyah and Lyrik. Kyah will be 3 in October and Lyrik is a year old. Kyah is super smart and verbal, and I discovered quite quickly that we were going to be good buddies, and that she was also going to have some awfully funny things to say. So, I’ve been collecting some Kyah quotes that I am pretty sure you all need to read. Keep your eye out for some weekly Kyah goodness.


We were drawing with sidewalk chalk, and Kyah had been talking about how she was going to draw a rainbow. I had drawn something and she asked what it was. I said, “It’s a palm tree with a coconut.” I suppose she had never heard the word coconut, nor did she know what part of speech coconut is… so she promptly responded

“Well, I’m gonna coconut a rainbow!” :)


Kyah was asking me what I was… she said “Are you my mommy?” and I said “No, silly, I’m not your mommy.” “Well, are you my teacher?”  “No, I’m your babysitter!” So, we talked about the fact that I was her babysitter and what that meant.

Later, she brings it up again and again asks if I’m her mommy. When I told her no, she responds with “No, you’re just a TOY. A big toy for me to play with.” Lol.


Kyah says something to her baby sister as they are playing. I asked her to say it again because I thought it was so funny and wanted to make sure I’d heard her right.

She says “Lyrik, you’re not going to cry, and I’m not going to share.” :)


And lastly

Kyah: “Do you love me or Lyrik?”

Jess: “I love both of you!”

Kyah: “Nooooo…” *while shaking her head and giving me a mischevious “wrong answer” look :)


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