Kyah-isms and Sept 11

Kyah, the not-yet-3 year old girl that I babysit is uber smart, and uber fun. Here’s the weekly dose of funny things she said.

She was looking at my journal and flipping through it, when she quickly said “What’s it smell like?” and buries her nose in the page. She said “Mmmm. It smells good! Just like my music!”  So I, of course, say “Well, what does your music smell like?” She gives me this incredulous look and says “Like your book!” (Duh– of course, Jessica)

Also, later: “God’s Word is happy and soft.” Lol

And, because I’m feeling patriotic on this anniversary day, I’ll leave you with a patriotic pic I snagged down in Destin. There were these patriotic dancers, and I couldn’t resist getting a shot of the young serviceman taking their pic.  p.s. is it crazy to y’all that in three years it will have been 10 years sice the tragedy??


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