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In open fields of wild flowers…

December 10, 2008

<name that song… anyone? anyone?>

Spent the Thanksgiving break in Tallahassee with the better part of my dad’s side of the family. My aunt and uncle live on a few acres of land, which afforded us the opportunity to do fun things like go for walks in the woods, on a hayride, ride bikes, get in the hot tub, have a camp fire where we had oysters (I learned a new life skill– using a knife to pry open the oysters) and stone crab and smores (soooo good). We ran a 5K, ate lots of yummy food, crocheted a lot, did some black Friday shopping, and had lots of cousin and family bonding. And since my best friend Julie went along, we had to go on a photoshoot. We headed into the woods.

Cosmo came and joined us later

I think this one looks like that one kind of photography… what is it called?… lithograph? … lomo?… ultraviolet?… OH– infrared. Like this.

But when you are walking through the forest in Florida you see some plants that you definitely DON’T see in the woods in Missouri. Like this one

We took some in the woods. Like this one.

Do you like it better in b&w or color??

And then there’s me, just praisin! You know… don’t you always just stand out in the woods and praise Him?! ;-) Julie took this shot and I edited it. It was a little overexposed, and that made it a little hard to deal with, but then I added some textures in Photoshop (good trick to try with photos that are hard to salvage) and I ended up loving the texture :)

Then we found IT. The SPOT. But we had to climb through lots of thorns to get there :)

I love this shot.

The next one feels very wintery to me for some reason. :)

Then we got on the boat. I’m a silly girl. And this one makes me think: Gilligan.

Love this one. I’m so into feet shots these days…

Elvis was happy we were back. He smiled.

Here’s the little sassy pants, herself

Aww best friends

Time for me to go, now

But before I do, just a friendly reminder:

And don’t forget to thank a pilgrim…  or… umm… something like that.

oh, and Julie, you should be glad I didn’t put this one up of you.

oh wait. i just did.

Incredi-boy anyone? Anyone with me on that one??


We need Africa

December 3, 2008


Hello friends…

Hopefully you got a chance to read my post below and began thinking about whether that statement could be true, that in fact you might need Africa even more than they need you.

I hope that as Christmas is rolling around you will begin to think about what really matters in life, and Joy that is not circumstantial. I hope that this year we will move toward compassion and community rather than consumption. I think Africa has a lot to teach us about that idea.

I’d like to introduce you to Mocha Club and their new campaign. Please go here

and get your totally rocking tshirt.


You can choose what project you want it to support (I chose job creation) or you can just go ahead and join the Mocha Club (seriously… I challenge ever one of you to do it! Only $7 a month to be involved in some incredible projects in Africa! I donate toward Sudan Regrowth…) Join my Mocha Club Team!

Also– you have got to watch this video! This epitomizes the heart of this movement and it is so powerful.

Blessings y’all! I would really love to hear your responses to all of this and hear about how you are getting involved!

The Beauty of Photoshop

December 1, 2008

So, just got back from a great holiday in Tallahassee. My best friend Julie went along, so of course we had to have a little photoshoot fun!

I wasn’t very happy with how I was looking in most of the pictures… but that, my friends, is the beauty of Photoshop!

I was just taking a little study break (I have three back-to-back finals on Tuesday- eek!) and so I allowed myself to edit just one picture.

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the before and after. Maybe I can do some posts in the future detailing my work in Photoshop if any of my readers are interested in that sort of thing!

Here’s the “after” pic


And here is the hideous “before.” It’s pretty hideous. You should feel privileged I’m showing you this…