The Beauty of Photoshop

So, just got back from a great holiday in Tallahassee. My best friend Julie went along, so of course we had to have a little photoshoot fun!

I wasn’t very happy with how I was looking in most of the pictures… but that, my friends, is the beauty of Photoshop!

I was just taking a little study break (I have three back-to-back finals on Tuesday- eek!) and so I allowed myself to edit just one picture.

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the before and after. Maybe I can do some posts in the future detailing my work in Photoshop if any of my readers are interested in that sort of thing!

Here’s the “after” pic


And here is the hideous “before.” It’s pretty hideous. You should feel privileged I’m showing you this…



2 Responses to “The Beauty of Photoshop”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Call me crazy, but I actually love the bottom one. There is a simplicity to it. You are a gorgeous girl, and you don’t need PhotoShop for this friend to notice that. :)

    Sad that you won’t be at my wedding. :(

    Have a blessed holiday, chica!

  2. julie Says:

    i vote for the bottom one too. And not just cause i took it.

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