We need Africa


Hello friends…

Hopefully you got a chance to read my post below and began thinking about whether that statement could be true, that in fact you might need Africa even more than they need you.

I hope that as Christmas is rolling around you will begin to think about what really matters in life, and Joy that is not circumstantial. I hope that this year we will move toward compassion and community rather than consumption. I think Africa has a lot to teach us about that idea.

I’d like to introduce you to Mocha Club and their new campaign. Please go here

and get your totally rocking tshirt.


You can choose what project you want it to support (I chose job creation) or you can just go ahead and join the Mocha Club (seriously… I challenge ever one of you to do it! Only $7 a month to be involved in some incredible projects in Africa! I donate toward Sudan Regrowth…) Join my Mocha Club Team!

Also– you have got to watch this video! This epitomizes the heart of this movement and it is so powerful.

Blessings y’all! I would really love to hear your responses to all of this and hear about how you are getting involved!


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