Christmas Decoration

I’m a little behind this year. The tree got put up later than I’d like (and so I’m compensating and haven’t taken it down yet- ha!) And so, yet again, I’m a little behind on blogging these pics I took of some of my holiday craftiness etc.

This year I made bookmarks (but only for the family members/friends that I knew would appreciate it :) and had them double as gift tags. My mom’s got lost in transit to St Louis, and thus made for a present nobody knew who it belonged to on Christmas morning :) Never fear though, my sis found the bookmark in her trunk and mailed it mom’s way :)

One night I was feeling crafty and had seen this idea for an ornament. Julie was over, and although she wasn’t feeling especially crafty, I oftentimes subject her to my crafty whims, and so, she made this creation, which at first we thought was hideously tacky, but now has grown on me quite a bit!

While I was photographing the tree, I snapped this one of my precious first Christmas stocking

And this last one is NOT an example of good photography, but I just thought you should see how absolutely ghetto our tree is… and the nice little lean it has to it :)


3 Responses to “Christmas Decoration”

  1. floochie Says:

    i like how you say crafty like 3 times in two sentences :) yay.. for the ghetto tree.

  2. Laura Greer Says:

    The hand made ornament is too cute. How did you make it?

    • quatchima2 Says:

      Hey Laura!

      The ornament was really easy. I got a styrofoam ball from the craft store and then punched out circles out of some scrapbooking papers that sort of match… and then secured them to the ball with straight pins with a head on them… and then attached some ribbon to the top. Super easy!

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