Faves from 2008

I didn’t keep up with blogging as well as I’d hope…there’s always next year right… or I mean… this year. Can anybody else freakin believe it is 2009? I graduated high school in 2000— that means I’m officially OLD. But, I always have my boyfriend and brother-in-law to tease… they’ll always be a year older than me!! :)

In 2007 I tried to do Project 365. I’m sure I just wore out my friends and family by whipping out my camera every single day (not that I really do it any less now) saying “Guys! I have to! It’s the picture of the day!”. It was fun… but I definitely needed at least a year long break. As a way of reflecting on the year, I thought I’d browse through my pics and post some favorites that didn’t make it on the blog previously. Some of these will likely just come from my point and shoot… just b/c I like them or the memories associated with them…

This one is in here b/c its the first pic of me and my man :)


2 Responses to “Faves from 2008”

  1. LauraMac Says:

    I liked all your pretty pictures :)

  2. tiffany Says:

    jess, thanks for including my whole family on here- even little asante!!! you have great talent!

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