So others can simply live…

The Lord has been doing a lot of work in my heart, I think over the last several years, really, thanks to the influence of many godly, amazing friends and other experiences the Lord has allowed me (such as living in a mud hut in the Sahara desert for 5 months) to teach me about money, possessions, global poverty, and stewardship. I won’t explain too much now, but wanted to share a couple of quotes that have stuck in my brain as of late, and one blog entry that I think you should each read. I pray that 2009 might be the year that we would stop living so foolishly, but would live out of a compassionate, overflowing God-sized love instead.

  • “Live simply so others can simply live.”
  • “I believe that God wants to show us that a lot of fulfillment actually comes from denying ourselves from the material and opting for giving ourselves instead.” -my studly boyfriend

How are you going to change the world this year?


Outside my house in Niger with some of my favorite kids (and no, in case you were wondering, there DEFINITELY wasn’t wifi)


One Response to “So others can simply live…”

  1. ash Says:

    1. i think that this photo could be an advertisement for mac.
    2. great thing to be thinking about for ’09 jess. we are actually doing a film festival centered around this idea of being the change in this world.

    i hope to get involved with something dealing with human trafficking or some other social justice!

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