I went to China once…

So… you might could say that I have some time to kill.

I was just looking back through old pics, and thought that you might enjoy some pics from my China trip in 2004 and the pretty hilarious stories they bring back to mind.

*NOTE* These are not professional pics… they are just from my point and shoot from 5 years ago… so if you want to hire me, your pics will look better than this :) <end of disclaimer>

This is grandma. She was precious and her family ran the hotel I stayed at. We couldn’t communicate at all… so I would act things out… things like computer <dianow> and bathroom :)

On the whole… Chinese food in China was A-MA-ZING. But sometimes we would get fun little things like this guy. For chicken soup… they just throw that whole darn chicken there in the pot! Check out its gobbler!! (or what is that thing called??)

And see these “horses?”

yeah, everything in China is smaller. Including the horses. The Chinese guys looked at us, not so sure we wouldn’t break their horses. But they assured us that no, they have had lots of big, fat Americans ride on the horses!

And then, the big fat americans that we are, we rode *as a 14 year old girl walked up the whole stinkin mountain, leading our horses* That is, until mine decided to tear off *running as fast as he could* down the side of the mountain. I was laying back completely flat on my back as branches whooshed over my head. Otherwise I might have ended up like Absalom.

Look at these freakin precious babies:

Here’s the piggy gettin washed that I just saw sacrificed. My favorite part? Watchin its intestines get squeezed out and then eating them later…¬† <oh, and check out the awesome hat in the background>

and there is our little piggy, roasting. Best stinkin pork I’ve EVAH had. seriously.

Here’s me… back there in the orange shirt… at a mud house in the Himalayas.

What am I doing, you ask?

Oh, just chopping rotten potatoes in part of an old tire with a machete to give to the pigs. You know, everyday stuff. (oh, and no comments on the ‘blond’ hair, please)

Oh, and we had to bring a gift to our hospitable guests. We brought a chicken. Shortly after this picture was shot, the chicken started pooping and pecking, and much screaming ensued. :)

Here’s me and some awesome ladies.

More stinkin cute kids that were followin us around.

Buddhist prayer flags at this temple we hiked up a mountain and found

Ummmm here’s me with a monkey. And an awesome double chin.

And my sweet friend, chattin it up. It’s what she does best. :)

This is how we ordered our food <aka the best stirfry EVER.> We would go up and point at stuff and they whipped it up… wok style.

And these are our feet (fresh with henna from India–yeah the Chinese thought we were *so* weird) on *THE* bus. You NEED to hear that story sometime… and preferably when Christina and I tell it together. Or maybe its just way funnier to us.

And this is how we felt on said bus ride.

Maybe I shouldn’t leave you with that face. How about some pretty flowers instead?


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