Kitchen photography

So– it’s a SNOW DAY!! It’s pretty awesome because here in Louisville they definitely freak out about the weather about 100 times more than anybody in Missouri ever did. But, hey, I’m not complaining. I am still in my pajamas and its 2:32pm. Ooh– sorry about that little fact, all of you people who are still at work today.

When I have a day like this I jump into productivity mode. One of my topmost exhilirating life experiences is to cross things off my to-do list (man, that makes me sound like a BIG loser, doesn’t it?) Anyways… today I tackled a bunch of projects… including my taxes (bleh!).

For awhile I have been thinking that I need to print and display more of my photography. Often times it just gets relegated to the digital shelf.. and I might reminisce when it pops up on my screen saver, but I thought I should give my poor pictures a little more chance to be appreciated. So, I bought some of these awesome photo wires from Photojojo and got to work.

That kitchen wall was just crying out to have something hung on it

And so I obliged.

They’re super simple. I stuck them up with thumbtacks. That’s right people! Thumbtacks!

They have cute little silver weights at the bottom to hold them straight.

I just love my new wall decor

Too bad my kitchen on the whole doesn’t look as pretty right now.

#1) Yep, that’s definitely still a Christmas tree up!

#2) Where i am sitting right now writing this little message to you when I should be doing Greek. Shhhh…. don’t tell.

#3) Our handy little key hook. Everytime you come in, you just hang your keys there… that way you never lose them. I can think of a certain boyfriend of mine who would probably benefit greatly from a little invention like this. Let’s see if he catches this little comment ;)

#4) Diet Dr. Thunder. That’s right folks… only the best drink ever. And only like $2.38 for a 12 pack at your local WalMart. I have also heard that this drink, from scientific investigation is the proven winner for making people burp the most. I can neither confirm nor deny the truth of that statement from personal experience. :)

#5) Laundry… spilling out of the room. Does anyone else have this problem?

#6) A welcome mat that my sweet brother gave me for Christmas. It hasn’t yet made it to its appointed spot of welcoming. Is that bad?

Alright alright… enough messin around. Time to go cross more off my to-do list!!


2 Responses to “Kitchen photography”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I like your kitchen art. The best solution to brightening up the place is putting your art on the wall. Nice!

    I had a “snow” (really ice) day today too! The labeled picture of everything “wrong” was terrific. LOL! It made me laugh! I could take a picture like that too, but the numbers would go way higher than 6. After the wedding and the moving, there is chaos everywhere.

  2. katie Says:

    I LOVE that! (i totally might steal it:)

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