Just precious

I can be very coercive if I want to be. Or maybe people just love me ;) I’ll just believe the latter :) And this is why my best friend Julie did a photoshoot for me, and my good lookin man agreed to be in one.

I told him the rule was that he couldn’t smile really big in every single picture (as is his tendency…) and after a few shots of practice, I think he was totally good at workin it!

I put these up on facebook too, which I don’t usually do… so I’ll just post a few here.

The general consensus on that picture is that we just look really *happy*. I think its true, don’t you?

I think this next one is dramatic and wintery


5 Responses to “Just precious”

  1. Kelly Says:

    They are all beautimous, but I super-love the 3rd one. Which is your favorite?

  2. quatchima2 Says:

    you know~ i just don’t know if i have a most fave! but I think i like the first and last ones b/c we look so happy… :)

  3. carrie b Says:

    aww! you guys look adorable together and your eyes look AH-MAZING in all of them!

  4. Laura Mac Says:

    you’re such a nerd and i kinda want to throw up now…

  5. Suzanne Says:

    um you need to ad that third one to some modeling contest or something. HOT!

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