Big day

Guys, this is a big day. You know that handsome man in all those pictures in the last post? Yeah, he sat here at this very computer and made me a BUDGET today. Ugh. That’s a terrible word, isn’t it? In fact… he told me I shouldn’t call it that… but call it a “cash flow worksheet” or something business-man-ish like that :)

Actually, I’m kind of a nerd, and I kind of like it.

And I like that I made him make parts of my spreadsheet pink and green :)

Not only do I have budget skills… but I think you should know I have mad ice skating skills, as I’m sure you can tell from these pictures.

This one is me and my GRANDMA who would absolutely kill me if I told you how old (young) she is… but dang, right? Grandma’s ice skating. Pretty awesome. So here we are showing off our really cool “we can lift our leg in the air” move.

And then there’s the ever popular “lift your leg up in FRONT of you” move… oooh now we’re gettin tricky, folks!

Or then there is me and my ever lovin hippy brother, who just couldn’t possibly make a NICE face in the picture, for pete’s sake.

I know you are all wondering where I got my awesome moves on the ice from. Wonder no more, faithful blog readers. Wonder no more.

She’s got skillz.



One Response to “Big day”

  1. Isaac Says:

    Wow, your bro has a lot more hair than the last pics I saw of him!

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