It means Grandma. I think I heard her tell somebody else that her name is Maryama. But to me, she’s “Awoi.” She’s precious. She’s hardworking. She has a whole slew of kids living with her. She sweeps the floor and holds the babies and uses all the English words she knows when I’m around– like “good” and “fine” and “howahyoo?” I give her hugs and pray for her soul. Thank you, Lord, for precious Awoi.


2 Responses to “Awoi”

  1. Jenny Says:

    We have a woman from Burundi who we all call Bebe because it means Grandma. She doesn’t like when I call her something else. She is most precious.

  2. Brittany Says:

    Jessica, I am a friend of Amber Gaddis. I am wanting to get pics taken of my 9 month old little guy and Amber suggested you. Would you mind sending me an e-mail and let me know if that might work sometime soon? I love the pictures on your blog so would really like for you to take ours! Brittany ( Thanks!

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