Silas’ Photoshoot

Had a fun photoshoot yesterday with the cutest little family. Mr. Silas is 9 months old and is definitely going to be a little heartbreaker! He had just woken up from a nap and was the perfect little model for two hours straight! His blue eyes are to dies for, don’t you agree?

It was amazing– he’s only 9 months old, but look what he could spell with sticks! ;-)

I snagged this next one while he was getting changed… dang… the kid was charming it up even when he was getting changed!

This next one may be my favorite shot of the day… and it was just done on a last minute whim… and thankfully we didn’t get the baby run over! He’s just such a little stud with his collar popped :)

And lastly, here’s a shot of the whole family totally workin it. I told them to get their game faces on, and I think they totally pulled it off. It’s probably all of that “America’s Top Model” you’ve been watching Brittany ;-)

I may post more of the little stud once I get them processed, but wanted to give this little taste for Silas’ momma and daddy until I have the rest of their pics done!


5 Responses to “Silas’ Photoshoot”

  1. k8tinpink Says:

    Ooohhh I really like these! The colors are great! I think baby pictures are my favorite.

  2. Amber Burger Says:

    YAY!!! I am so glad yall hooked up! the pics of Silas are AWESOME! Great job Jessica!….aren’t Brittany and Shane the greatest! sooo fun!

  3. jenny Says:

    Um, the popped collar is WAY cuter than what I was picturing! :)

  4. Angela Carson Says:

    How precious. I was totally shocked when I got to the last picture and realized, “I know them!” I did not know they had a baby though, wow. Are they at Southern now? Crazy. You did a great job on that photo shoot. You’ve got talent!

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