Like a Kid in a Candy Store…

I went home with my man to his hometown of Moline, IL for the very first time. I just loved hanging with his family, taking Lilly for walks, seeing all the Quad City hotspots, eating Mexican, meeting Noni and Papa in their house that they’ve lived in since Lee’s dad was a boy, eating yummy food, being the family photographer, celebrating Good Friday and Resurrection Day, and just getting to be with Lee for 3 days straight. But maybe one of my most favorite parts was going to visit “the store.” Or, more precisely, the storeS. You see, for 100 years now, Lee’s family has owned and operated “Lagomarcino’s”– they make their own chocolates and ice cream and have a soda fountain. Isn’t there something just so romantic about that??

We went to the Davenport store for lunch…

After we ate some real food… it was dessert time! I had to try a little bit of a few different things… but I think I’ve now settled that Lago’s peppermint ice cream with their hot fudge is the best thing ever! It was so good that I had more that night when we all went to the Moline store after hours. The sundae tasted even better because I had Lee make it for me :)

I also got to see where all of the chocolatey goodness is made. I pretty much couldn’t even contain myself. For Easter they make these handmade famous chocolate eggs that they fill with chocolates… like their yummy caramels and toffees and turtles (what do you call those, guys? I can’t remember…)

Little Laina was busy being a waitress.

And here’s our cute lunch dates.

Don’t worry though… I didn’t jump in the chocolate river… or ride on the scary Wonka boat. But I did live the dream and ate ice cream and candy galore!


11 Responses to “Like a Kid in a Candy Store…”

  1. jenny Says:

    I need to go there. Seriously. Road trip…

    And who is the Laina girl? One of my best friends is named Laina and she freaks our whenever she meets another Laina spelled and pronounced the same way…is her name really Laina or is it short for something? My Laina would love to meet that Laina for sure.

    • Jessica Says:

      You are such a diligent commenter! Thanks! Laina is Lee’s little sister. :) And yes… it is a chocolate wonderland that merits a road trip :)

  2. Laina Says:

    I am Laina! lol My parents actually made up the name when I was born. There is another Laina who also lives in Moline, too weird. Oh and the turtles are called “pecan dainties” due to trade-marking laws.

  3. tiffany Says:

    oh wow.


  4. jenny Says:

    To Laina: When were you born? My friend Laina says that her parents made up the name, too! You guys should start a club!

    And yes, Jess. I like to fancy myself as a diligent commenter. Does this mean I get to win a trip to eat all of the yummy stuff in the pictures? ;)

  5. lauren Says:


    now i know you said there were no chocolate river incidents, but did slugworth try to bribe you, by chance?

    • Jessica Says:

      Lauren– LOL. Slugworth was very sneaky. He was dressed up as Lee’s dad and he was in the back with the chocolate, or sometimes out even making sandwiches. I did not fall for his wiles, do not worry.

  6. Laura Mac Says:

    jess, you are so good! seriously. i just looked at the photos in your last three posts. you’ve found your calling :)

  7. Jessica Says:

    thanks laura! i love it!!

  8. jenny Says:

    ooOOOoooo, I want to hear the story about Christina getting worried about the present :)

  9. Angela Carson Says:

    How fun!!! I’m so excited for you by the way.:)

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