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Dave+Emily sneak peek

May 26, 2009

Here’s a little teaser for my friend Dave and his beautiful soon-to-be bride, Emily. I photographed them this afternoon. The rain clouds looked ominous, but we made it through the whole session! Emily and Dave have had a mainly long-distance relationship, and so I know he was glad for his bride to be around and doing some wedding planning in person rather than via skype. Emily has a sweet smile, which I don’t think leaves her face very often, and my friend Dave is tender toward her… brushing the hair from her face and taking care of her. Thanks for letting me shoot you two! Hope you enjoy the teaser!



May 19, 2009

As some of you know, I had the chance to spend several months living among the poorest of the poor in West Africa.  Needless to say, it was life-changing experience and an experience that demanded a response.

sweet baby girl

In the spirit of Isaiah 58:10, a couple of friends and myself have created a non-profit apparel company called ‘spendyourself.’

Love has compelled us to feel the weight of responsibility, and to take hold of an opportunity that can make a difference. That’s why spendyourself is much more than an apparel company—it represents a heart for social justice and a vision to drive potential change in the world.

The vision of this movement is two-fold.

  • First, we want to give a voice to the voiceless and oppressed all across the world. Each t-shirt tells a story, and we’re depending on YOU to tell the individual stories that each shirt embodies. Without your part, we would be unable to spread the message of those who have no voice.
  • Second, the money you spend on the shirt goes directly to fund the specific project that your shirt was inspired by. Each project helps empower the powerless in a sustainable way. We don’t want to be about just throwing money at something, but we work with reputable, trustworthy partners to fund specific projects that bring lasting, sustainable change.

The exciting part right now is that our website has officially launched and I wanted to share the link with you if you would like to support our efforts.  I’ve attached the link below and would love to hear your feedback!

And because every post is better with pictures, here’s a few more from Africa.

me and sakeena



Pink and Green-ness

May 18, 2009

I love me some good color. I’m really into brown, turquoise and hot pink. I bought these flip flops (in oak tree blue) because they are those colors, and they are the most wonderful comfortable flips EVAH. I had a pair for a couple years, and after I brought them to Africa and wore them every second of every day and realized I was going to wear a hole through the sole of the suckers, I had my mom mail me another pair while I was in Africa— they are THAT good. And now I have the oak tree blue ones, because, well, they are brown, turquoise and pink, and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve also really been into yellow for the past year or so.

But another color combo I just L.O.V.E. is pink and green… which is sorta fun and fitting since pink is my favorite color, and green is my BFF Julie’s fave. My kitchen is done in this scheme, and as I decided to take some pics of the awesome flowers cut from a backyard bush I just went a little pink and green crazy and had to document all of the wonderful pink and green-ness I saw around me :)

Silas the stud, Part 2

May 7, 2009

This baby is just so dang cute, I couldn’t resist giving you a double dose of him. Look at those eyes!

Check out those cool dudes! <and shane, I think you were right picking the black shirt, lol> Love how their eyes, Silas’ shirt and the wall all work together.

This was Brittany’s idea… reading her baby a book. I think they turned out precious. The part I didn’t show you about these creek shots is that we had to risk life and limb (well, at least our pants getting wet) to cross this creek. I wish I had pictures of Mom and Dad passing the baby across the rocks to each other as they precariously made their way across the creek. Plus, while the photographer stayed on the other shore, she abandoned that plan real quick when i saw a big old snake!! I DO have pictures of the snake, but I won’t post them… just in case my dear friend Corky Baine is reading out there somewhere. :) She would probably curl up in the corner in the fetal positions.. she is that scared of snakes. So what did we do in middle school? Oh thats right, chased her around with rubber snakes. We were such good friends… and mature.  Anyways… I digress. Nice, sweet, baby and mommy picture here:

Again… the eyes!

You should click on this next one and make it big… the pics are so cute… but in a series they’re even better… had to post them together.

Gangsta baby. Or something.

Look at that adorable smile. Sorry I had to crop mom and dad out… but there was some eye closeage. Plus, I think this works.

Lots of baby in road and or parking lot shots this day :) Glad his parents trusted me!