Silas the stud, Part 2

This baby is just so dang cute, I couldn’t resist giving you a double dose of him. Look at those eyes!

Check out those cool dudes! <and shane, I think you were right picking the black shirt, lol> Love how their eyes, Silas’ shirt and the wall all work together.

This was Brittany’s idea… reading her baby a book. I think they turned out precious. The part I didn’t show you about these creek shots is that we had to risk life and limb (well, at least our pants getting wet) to cross this creek. I wish I had pictures of Mom and Dad passing the baby across the rocks to each other as they precariously made their way across the creek. Plus, while the photographer stayed on the other shore, she abandoned that plan real quick when i saw a big old snake!! I DO have pictures of the snake, but I won’t post them… just in case my dear friend Corky Baine is reading out there somewhere. :) She would probably curl up in the corner in the fetal positions.. she is that scared of snakes. So what did we do in middle school? Oh thats right, chased her around with rubber snakes. We were such good friends… and mature.  Anyways… I digress. Nice, sweet, baby and mommy picture here:

Again… the eyes!

You should click on this next one and make it big… the pics are so cute… but in a series they’re even better… had to post them together.

Gangsta baby. Or something.

Look at that adorable smile. Sorry I had to crop mom and dad out… but there was some eye closeage. Plus, I think this works.

Lots of baby in road and or parking lot shots this day :) Glad his parents trusted me!


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