As some of you know, I had the chance to spend several months living among the poorest of the poor in West Africa.  Needless to say, it was life-changing experience and an experience that demanded a response.

sweet baby girl

In the spirit of Isaiah 58:10, a couple of friends and myself have created a non-profit apparel company called ‘spendyourself.’

Love has compelled us to feel the weight of responsibility, and to take hold of an opportunity that can make a difference. That’s why spendyourself is much more than an apparel company—it represents a heart for social justice and a vision to drive potential change in the world.

The vision of this movement is two-fold.

  • First, we want to give a voice to the voiceless and oppressed all across the world. Each t-shirt tells a story, and we’re depending on YOU to tell the individual stories that each shirt embodies. Without your part, we would be unable to spread the message of those who have no voice.
  • Second, the money you spend on the shirt goes directly to fund the specific project that your shirt was inspired by. Each project helps empower the powerless in a sustainable way. We don’t want to be about just throwing money at something, but we work with reputable, trustworthy partners to fund specific projects that bring lasting, sustainable change.

The exciting part right now is that our website has officially launched and I wanted to share the link with you if you would like to support our efforts.  I’ve attached the link below and would love to hear your feedback!


And because every post is better with pictures, here’s a few more from Africa.

me and sakeena




3 Responses to “Spendyourself”

  1. jenny Says:

    When are the next shirts coming out? Are you guys going to have a specific amount of time to focus on one cause before you want to next series to be available?

    Here’s an idea- there are some good non-profits out there trying to help with the situation in Burma (Myanmar). It can be pretty bad over there, and not many people are aware of the situation. Maybe that could merit an awesome shirt as well :)

  2. Jessica Says:

    Hey Jenny!!

    Thanks for the suggestion.. that is an awesome idea!

    Our next series of shirts will be debuting in the near future. We are partnering with an awesome group called Life in Abundance that does awesome work in Africa. We are going to at *least* do one shirt helping their work for street children in Ethiopia, and another for AIDS orphans in Kenya. Can’t wait!!

    Thanks for commenting!!! :)

  3. Isaac Says:

    Keep up the good work with spendyourself. Can’t wait to see the fruit that’s gonna come from these efforts. And those pictures are amazing.

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