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Summer inspiration

June 26, 2009

I have lots of real posts coming down the pike here shortly… once Saturday is past and I am officially relieved of nearly all my responsibility! I will still be working on my photography business and Spendyourself, of course… but after Saturday, it is really going to feel like summer for me! Yippee! That means I’ll get going on all my summer projects (which probably cannot possibly all be accomplished this summer).

But, since it’s been awhile, I thought I’d post these beautiful images from J.Crew which just smack of lovely summer warmth. I love these images. And I love summer. Mm hmm.

Picture 2

Picture 3


Dave+Emily {Engaged}

June 17, 2009

Dave and Emily are both from the South and thus when I asked how they would like to style the shoot, they told me that maybe it could be a little bit *southern* (although Dave had to clarify that he did not mean Southern as in the Southern Seminary we both attend/ed). So, we headed out to a local park.. and though the weather was ominous and threatening, we got some cute ones before the rain came down!

I love the look of the trees in this next shot. So romantic. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice or something… And Dave (especially with that hair) could be Mr. Darcy (wait, that IS from P&P right? forgive me.. im so not a girl in that respect… i do not know my Jane Austen… )

I think this next one would be so awesome on a big canvas…

Even though we obviously had a very rural feel to most of this shoot… I couldn’t resist finding some rough walls, rusty objects, and adding a little grunge :)

Work it, girl…

So cute, the way she’s looking up at him.

So… what are your favorites?

Crazy beach art wallpaper

June 15, 2009

Okay… one more…

I should be writing a paper and studying some verses for my test on Wednesday… but instead I am making things like this.

You can put this one on your desktop, like the image below… and pretend you’re at the beach… albeit a really tripped-out, grungy, texture-y beach :) But I like it.

Free flower art desktop image

June 15, 2009

Hey guys…

I was just messing around with some textures and a picture of a flower I took probably a year ago, and made a fun picture that I’m loving as a desktop screensaver… Thought I’d give it to you to enjoy if you’d like!

Click on the picture to get a big version. If its not big enough for your screen, give me a holla!  This image is for personal use and not to be sold, thank you :)

I’m Famous!

June 4, 2009

I have the privilege of displaying some of my photography from Africa at a local coffee shop: Sonoma Coffee Cafe. What a cool opportunity! I wrote up a little blurb surrounding the quote “Live simply so others can simply live,” and in addition to J*Grace Photography, I talked some about Spendyourself.  Although I don’t anticipate anybody actually buying them (mostly because I dont know that they are the sort of image you would buy to hang in your house), they are for sale and all of the profits are going to fund Spendyourself projects like this one.

I didn’t have my dSLR with me when Lee and I went to hang the pics today… so here are a few just from my point and shoot. First, you walk in the door:

And then you see it!

And then there’s me…

And my cute boyfriend. He’s in awe.   Or something.

And then me and my cute boyfriend.

Im glad we’re opposites in some ways… because I would have probably had a *lot* of unnecessary holes in that wall… but no… he MEASURES! :)

We were leaving… I was bleeding (leave it to me to make myself bleed while HANGING PICTURES)… when Lee remarked that he wouldn’t want to be the one who tried to mug me… I had a hammer in my purse :)

If you’re in Louisville drop by Sonoma and drink a Sonoma chai (it has raspberry in it! soooo good) and check out my wall of fame! :)