Free flower art desktop image

Hey guys…

I was just messing around with some textures and a picture of a flower I took probably a year ago, and made a fun picture that I’m loving as a desktop screensaver… Thought I’d give it to you to enjoy if you’d like!

Click on the picture to get a big version. If its not big enough for your screen, give me a holla!  This image is for personal use and not to be sold, thank you :)


4 Responses to “Free flower art desktop image”

  1. Mallory Says:

    So you really have to tell me where you get your glorious textures and filters. I keep trying to make a case so Brian will let us get some!

  2. Jessica Nichols Says:

    Hey Mallory!

    Here is a great place to start where you can get free textures!

    have fun!

  3. k8tinpink Says:

    Did you get this idea from Pioneer Woman’s blog post a few weeks ago? I’ve been meaning to play around since I read it! ;)

    • Jessica Says:

      I sure did! So fun.. you should play around with it. This was the first one I did… and I should have been doing schoolwork otherwise I would have done more. :) Maybe soon!

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