BFF Birthday

My BFF Julie had a big birthday this year. We are doing a photoshoot to commemorate soon… but here are a few shots from one of her parties. This was the dress up and eat dinner party, as opposed to the bring all our Somali friends, eat BBQ and jump in the lake party (which I regret to say I don’t have pictures of).

Isn’t she pretty? She is always laughing.

Here’s Shannie. Really close.


Us in standard form:

First she does the macarena, for the whole restaurant

The she gets all hawaiianed up:

So that she can do the hula on a chair for the restaurant :)

Grandpa, aka Ol’ Poo came down for the dinner, along with her mom, stepdad and brother.

Isn’t he cute??


Our view. The Ohio looks much prettier in this pic than it is in real life :)


2 Responses to “BFF Birthday”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I am overwhelmed by all of this photo-ness! :) And what is chocolatex4 cake? Can you please give that to me through an IV?

  2. Jules Wiegand Says:

    wow. this is my first time ever seeing this… i happened upon it in a random search.. crazy.. what a difference a year makes….

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