Destin- A little long in coming

Lee was supposed to be overseas serving the Lord in the Middle East… but when plans fell through due to some terrorist activity, he got to join me for a few days in Florida! My best friend since the sixth grade, Maegan, and her husband Jon and little girl Mackenzie also joined the party. It was pretty much a blasty blast.

Today, when on our way home from the 4th of July weekend in northern Illinois I told Lee I was taking him somewhere. He sort of chuckled… but in my head I was wondering what he would really do if I kidnapped him and we went back down to Destin right then and there. Forget being an adult and having a job. We had that much fun… we wanna be back.

Can’t you just tell he had a blasty blast? Okay, maybe not from this one…

How about this one…?  No…?

Okay, surely in this next one you can tell he’s having a blasty blast…

He loves me. Really. I promise.

Okay, okay, now for some real, not shot-with-a-point-and-shoot-while-walking-to-the-dock-and-fixing-our-life-jacket pictures.

Oh, just kidding. Just to show you we aren’t just wearing those life jacket for kicks:

That may or may not have been after I threw us off the jet ski… not that I would ever do such a thing.

<Notice he is driving again…>

So here’s the whole smokin hot gang… struttin it like they’re gettin paid to do it or something..

I tried to get a nice little Vestal family picture. Mackenzie had other plans. Or maybe she just wanted to wink.

Dad soon caught on… (probably since their photographer was laughing hysterically)

She’s pretty much precious though. Here she is rockin’ my shades.

She liked to boogie in random places. My mom liked to join her.

But she also really loves Mr “Golden Bob.” I love these shots I snuck of my dad and Miss Mack.

Here’s Dad and Jon holding hands… erm… I mean.. holding Mackenzie’s hands :)

Dad just kept taking pictures. He was like the papparazzi.

I’m not sure what just happened in this next one, but as mom said, it looks like the joke is on me!

I pretty much think this next one of my parents is adorable:

Here’s my silly/beautiful friend:

Mackenzie needed her daddy on the big scary boat.

But the boat didn’t work for a little bit… so while the boys fixed it, the girls sat on the dock and looked pretty.

By the time we got to where we were going, Mackenzie had decided she was going to move in on my boyfriend. I didn’t protest, just took pictures of the whole darn adorable thing.

There were birds at the restaurant. Did you know that some of these parrots live for 100 years? And did you know that the crazy man that put the birds on my head has 100 of these suckers at his house??

This one liked to cuddle with mom.

This didn’t feel too good on my sunburnt scalp. And the little green one started gettin fresh with me.

Oh and heres some crabbies we caught out on the dock in the crab traps. Jon sacrificed a finger retrieving them… and the boys got all nasty every night baiting the traps with chicken backs. Yes, chicken backs. But we ate these guys (hence why most of their legs are gone in this shot) and they were delish!

The End.

P.S. J*Grace Photography is going to be getting a website and a blog facelift this summer. Get excited!


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