Rockin the roomie’s bday

My roomie had a birthday… so we had to PARTAY! Old roomie, Kayla, came back to join us… and we all got ready together… like old times. Man I miss borrowing clothes from her closet ;-)

We made them go dance with this crazy old guy…

See? Crazy…

I made her a wall of shame… umm i mean fame… and Grammy’s chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate cake. Its pretty much the best thing eva!

You might recognize Shannon’s mug from her portrait session here.


2 Responses to “Rockin the roomie’s bday”

  1. tiffany Says:

    shannie, you are so beautiful. and buff. happy belated birthday! miss you!

  2. LauraMac Says:

    wait! i recognize that wall! (the orange and yellow one) it’s at that restaurant on the river that we went to when we visited last summer, yes? and we sat outside by the giant fan…and you wanted to take pictures in front of our wall but you didn’t have your flash or something? good times…

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