Sweet Summertime

I’ll admit it.. I sort of like domesticity. Don’t get all hateful on me now… I bet you would like it too if you tried. :) Lee and I kept talking about wanting a garden. I look at all of the pretty articles in Martha Stewart Living and daydream about picking beautiful vegetables out of the backyard and then whipping up something delicious, summery and healthy for dinner.

I guess our container gardening on my back porch is a first step into the foray of gardening, right? I have summer yellow squash… which hasn’t gotten very big yet… a basil plant, and a tomato plant (the goal there being to make some yummy tomato, basil and mozzerella salads).

Well, the tomatoes have come out rather… well… mini-sized. But boy are they sweet… not to mention adorable!

Here are my first two little precious tomatoes that I plucked and promptly ate (not, of course, before taking some photos of them :)

Who has gardening tips to share?


One Response to “Sweet Summertime”

  1. Katie Kelly Says:

    No tips, but I have been surprised at how easy it is. It’s my first summer having a large in ground one, but so far it’s been fairly straightforward. Any time a problem pops up I just google it and get plenty of easy all natural fixes. Good luck!

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