Spendyourself Kisumu Shirt

The newest Spendyourself shirt is officially here! This shirt benefits a village in Kisumu, Kenya that has been ravished by AIDS and political violence, leaving many of the childrens orphaned or on the streets. We are partnering with our friends at Life in Abundance (LIA) to empower the church in Kisumu to minister to the orphans in Kisumu. Read the story of Kevin, a young man from Kisumu and the pioneering methods LIA is using to empower this community here. And buy a shirt while you’re at it! 100% of the profits head straight to Kisumu.

Since this IS my photo blog, I just have to share with you a few of my favorite images I captured on Friday while doing the photoshoot for this shirt. We had some INCREDIBLE models… they did crazy stuff… like this:

And this

And then there was the field. Oh I love you, field. Except that I had to painfully photoshop out all the light poles and the house in the background

Um, well… I guess I got too lazy to keep photoshopping them out :)


3 Responses to “Spendyourself Kisumu Shirt”

  1. tiffany Says:

    yaaaay! kisumu!!!

  2. Justin Says:

    Great Pictures! Thanks so much for caring out our cause.


  3. amanda Says:

    these are really great!

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