Sushi Date

I went on a date tonight. But it wasn’t to go get sushi (oooh, I tricked you, didn’t I?!) Tonight, our second Spendyourself photoshoot of the week was rained out, so I ended up getting to hang out with my man (since one of us will be out of town the next THREE WEEKENDS in a row. Blah.) We went to La Que… one of our favorite little places, which is incidentally where he took me on our first date (after we got lost on our way there… yep, on the first date. it was awesome. But that’s a story for another day.) I was so glad to be with him tonight though because tomorrow is our 11 month anniversary! Woo! (Is that like really teenager of me to count the months? No– whatever. I don’t care. It’s love:) So anyways, at La Que I get this awesome dish *every time* that has chicken over noodles and then all of these wonderful flavors: curry, lemongrass, cucumber, cilantro, peanuts, spicy stuff, those little sprouty things that sometimes are in Chinese food, and a mystery sauce that we just ladle alll over it. Scrumptious.

But this post is about sushi. Lol.

Last week sometime I took Lee out for sushi (another of our faves) to celebrate him paying off all his school loans! Yippee for paying off that debt. Dave Ramsey would be so proud. Well, actually, he still has $17 he needs to pay, but when he tried to pay it the loan company told him that they had sold his loan to the US Government, and that he should write them a letter. Yeah… like that’s really going to solve anything. Or maybe he could call them? Oh wait… have you ever tried to call the US Government? Anyways… hopefully he can track the $17 down before it turns into a letter 10 years later claiming they owe him 1,573.92 in interest.

Sorry, this post is about sushi. I keep getting distracted.

So there it is— in all its glory!

SushiwLee-1 copy

We got some other stuff too (like crunch n munch.. mmmmm) but when this plate came out I nearly swooned at the colors. I had my camera with me (duh!) and I quickly apologized to Lee that we were going to look like Chinese tourists for a moment (ummm did i say that?) as I took a picture in the restaurant, of the food. I just couldn’t help it! I mean look at it!

SushiwLee-2 copy

And here’s the cute boy across the table from me, who politely obliged when I told him to “hold up some sushi… you know… like in your chopsticks!”  <eye rolling commences>  “no, come on, like closer up by your mouth. oh i know! maybe pretend like you’re eating it!… No??… Okay fine… just a little higher up then…”   Poor photo slave boy.SushiwLee-3 copy

(Side note: how about that blue wall behind there matching the sushi plates?! holla!!)

And then we went on a photowalk. Okay, so we really just went on a regular walk. But… ugh… I just. couldn’t. stand. it.  I HAD to take pictures. And Lee just kept walking. ;-)

This one reminds me of a little joke from Spring Break my senior year of high school— “This “body” belongs to Chuck.” Oh goodtimes. (There are only 4 people out there in the world that would get it… lets see if they’re reading ;-)SushiwLee-4 copy

I kind of have a propensity for ol beat up metal stuff. Lee is starting to understand this about me. For the Spendyourself shoot… I was so proud when he said “I bet we are going to take pictures over there in front of that dumpster aren’t we?” And I said “YES honey! We are!! I’m so proud that you know me so well that you dont even think its strange anymore that I want people to gather around an old metal nasty smelly dumpster and smile real pretty!!”SushiwLee-5 copy

The other benefit to photowalking with the Lee– a built in hot model. I love how you can see his shadow. And I’m pretty proud of his progress in not having to smile in .every. single. picture. SushiwLee-6 copy

Its a telephone pole, yep! But its gritty and cool, no?SushiwLee-7 copy

You can do it, little weed!

SushiwLee-8 copy

Here’s my model again.SushiwLee-9 copy

Now he’s smiling at me. He can’t help himself. SushiwLee-10 copy

And now he’s trying realllly hard to be serious again. Nice try, boy.SushiwLee-11 copy

Okay I’m running out of commenting steam. Its a wall. And a light. ;-)SushiwLee-12 copy

Is that some medicinal herb growing there, buddy? jk jk. i know that’s not what that looks like.

SushiwLee-13 copy

Oh and then I LOVE this one. This little pup was trying to be so fierce… and then he stuck his little nose through. Love it. I feel like I should be hanging out with Opie, going fishing and whistling a tune or something when I see this image. SushiwLee-14 copy

I got really excited about this yella door. I want a yella door.SushiwLee-16 copy

I thought I should be in a pic. This is all that I got. SushiwLee-17 copy

Oh my, he’s so handsome, isn’t he girls?SushiwLee-18 copy

And a pretty little plant. Bonus points to you if you know what it is. Too bad I’m pretty sure Grammy doesn’t read my blog, because I’m sure she’d know! She had me saying “Silphium Terabinthinacium” at like age 3. And thats no lie. SushiwLee-19 copy

Thanks for photowalking with me. Oh it was fun! How about you do your own photowalk and let me see your pretty pictures??


5 Responses to “Sushi Date”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Can you go back and get that puppy for me?

  2. Jessica Says:

    You are so talented! Love the pictures, and the boy is awfully cute. ;)

  3. Alicia Says:

    Ummmm the puppy pic is amazing. it’s my new background :-)

    Gosh your pics rock my world, …. seriously.

    I am one to stop and take pics of everything too! If only I could purchase a rockin camera…………. someday, someday. :-)

  4. Jess Nichols Says:

    THANKS girls! I love that you are reading and commenting!

    And yes, Jess– glad you concur. He’s my hottie boyfriend ;-)

  5. amandathiessen Says:

    great captures!

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