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One more thing…RSS lovin’…

August 26, 2009

I promise, I really am going to be posting at the new from here on out, but wanted to drop you a line regarding my RSS feed for the new blog.

Now I’m no technical genius, so when I was trying to add to my Google Reader, it was a no go. So, I clicked on the little nifty RSS feed button (near my twitter feed on the new J*Grace site) and realized there is another address you’ve got to enter in to your Google Reader or whatever other blog reader you use and it is

or you can just click here. :) Have a happy day.

(Hope to see all 22 of my little Google Reader followers over at the new site :) If only I knew who you were…


New Blog!

August 26, 2009

I am so happy to announce the arrival of

I have just been itchin for more flexibility (and big ol’ pictures!) on my blog, and so I’ve got my own domain name and a new site. This will be the last post I’ll make on this site, so update your readers and RSS feeds to

Let me know what you think… it is still very much under construction, but I am looking forward to utilizing my new site for J*Grace Photography!

Manda+JR’s Wedding

August 11, 2009

I met Amanda six years ago when she was a freshman in college and I was a senior. My best friend and I had the *ridiculous* idea that we should work in the dining hall that semester, and we were put on the breakfast shift. Oh. my. That is a whole ‘nother post. Anyways, one of my favorite positions was when Laura and I would work the omelet line. It was fast paced and a lot better than being the beverage girl (don’t even get me started on those gargantuan bags of milk I was supposed to haul.) One Thursday night I was at the BSU as usual, when I saw Amanda and startled her with my opening line- “Hey, didn’t I make your omelet this morning??” :) And we’ve been good pals ever since. I love this girl. She’s so kind, fun, spunky, a good listener, an encourager, and just a great friend.

I’m not sure the first time that I met JR. I think I was pretty intimidated of him at first (see: lots of tattoos and strong opinions to go with them on theology and politics and matters in between). But, he has grown on me in lots of ways. And I know he loves my Manders.

Last summer we were all at the beach when JR asked Amanda to leave the house and go walk on the beach with him at night. After they left, I looked at Tiffany and said “He’s going to tell her he loves her!” Oh yeah. I called it.

How do I even begin to describe this wedding? It was absolutely unique and a reflection of themselves and their relationship. Amanda sported her black nailpolish and funky hairdo, JR his wallet chain and short sleeve shirt to show off all his sweet tats. They fitted us all out with a rainbow of Chuck Taylors, and sported ones themselves that read “Forasteros,” their new last name. The couple decided to create their own last name in part as a reminder of what they wanted their lives to be centered around. Forasteros means alien or stranger in Spanish, and their wedding played on this theme with much talk of how they wanted to see the world and serve the people of the world, always mindful that they are just an alien and stranger on this earth and that their real home is with Christ.


We had the most *beautiful* location for the wedding. The hipness of the Forasteros met the rural beauty of the Blaylock farm. I love this shot I snuck of two of the guys who were helping with parking hiding in the shade of the shed (notice the bucket he is sitting on :)

Manda+JRslideshow-1-2Not only was the landscape gorgeous, but the buildings on the property were AMAZING. They were built in like the 1870’s and just simply breathtaking, pretty much like this bride:


The room that the girls got ready in was entirely turquoise. It was a photographers dream. Check out more of the pictures here to see what I mean.Manda+JRslideshow-15


In addition to their rings, they got ampersands tattooed on their ring fingers as a reminder that they are no longer *just* Amanda or *just* JR, but “Amanda AND JR” :)Manda+JRslideshow-22


We had to have facilities for all these people out at the farm, and Ashley assured me they were *ceremony johnnies* or something like that, so they were supposedly cleaner. The girls were all over my crazy ideas :)Manda+JRslideshow-44

When Amanda got a pic with each person in her bridal party, they did serious ones and then silly ones, and we got a few crazy ones. Amandas mom (below) is crazy fun… I won’t tell you what she did to elicit this reaction out of Manda!Manda+JRslideshow-47Manda+JRslideshow-48Manda+JRslideshow-50

Workin it by the barn. Mmm sun flare.Manda+JRslideshow-59

Loved this shot of her soon to be hubby and her daddy on either side of the bride. Manda+JRslideshow-64

It was BRIGHT and HOT outside, but the couple obliged my pleadings to come out into this awesome field for some “sexy” pics :)Manda+JRslideshow-77Manda+JRslideshow-69Manda+JRslideshow-68Manda+JRslideshow-94

This kiss was actually kiss #2– JR stole an extra one… and it was adorable!Manda+JRslideshow-113Holla! Rainbow Chucks!




Amanda Iman created the invites and programs for the big day, and they couldn’t have been any more perfect for Manda and JR!Manda+JRslideshow-98

I believe this guy is the one that gave the couple their new tats… and his moustache was too cool, i had to sneak a shot of him!Manda+JRslideshow-86Cotton candy! Score!




Everybody rocked it late into the night… jammin under the lights and to the KARAOKE of their fellow guests. (My favorite? When JR did Total Eclipse of the Heart.) Awesome. Was so glad to be a part of your special day Manda and JR, and am so excited for y’all’s new lives in Ohio. You better come visit!


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