They thought I was crazy…

We got out of our cars down by Waterfront park and I said “Okay guys… go stand by that dumpster.” They kinda chuckled to themselves while I got my camera ready. They kept up the nervous laughter until Jeff finally said “Wait– is she serious?”  I was like– heck yes I’m serious! Go stand by that dumpster! I even made them touch it, lol.

But I knew that when they saw a shot like the one below they would forgive me for making them stand by a dumpster when they’re all in love and stuff. :)

More cute ones to come, Court and Jeff… this is just to tide you over :)


One Response to “They thought I was crazy…”

  1. Laura Strackeljahn Says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! well done jess! and what a cute couple! LOVE IT!

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